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"To put Christian principles into practice through programs which build healthy spirit mind and body for all."

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To schedule an appointment with a personal trainer, please contact Membership Services at 920.482.1500 or fill out our online form by clicking HERE.


The Y trifecta: spirit, mind and body


Wellness: More Than Just Equipment


As the Y strives to bring Healthy Living to our community, we work hard every day to offer programming and facilities that help people live a healtheir lifestyle.  We complete this by providing a caring atmosphere that provides our members and community with support, setting of realistic goals, and a chance to meet new people on the same journey.



YMCA Personal Training

Personal Wellness Training (YOUTH & ADULT )

One-on-one training to reach your wellness goals. Whether it is weight-loss, muscular strength/flexibility, injury prevention, or post rehabilitation; a Y personal trainer will help you attain your goals.  Personal Training is for all ages and ability levels.


Including but not limited to:

  • Toning/Weight-Loss
  • Strength-building
  • Cardio/Endurance
  • Interval Training
  • Sport-Specific Drills
  • Agility and Coordination
  • Functional Movement
  • Flexibility and Mobility
  • Post-Rehabilitation
  • Aquatic Personal Training
  • TRX Suspension Training



Click HERE to learn more about personal training and the current rates.


YMCA Small Group Personal Training

SMALL GROUP PERSONAL TRAINING is a group workout with the benefit of individualized attention. Sessions are limited to a minimum of two participants and a maximum of four participants.  Train together with a YMCA Certified Personal Trainer.  Work up a sweat and get stronger in every session with programming that combines resistance training, cardio, stability, balance, strength training, or
create your own workout.  Whether you are training for that extra edge in a sport, meeting with friends for a great workout, or just want the expertise of a personal trainer—this program is for you. 

Fees listed below are per person, per hour.  For more information or questions, please contact Membership Services at 920.482.1500 or sign-up at the Membership Services desk.


Ready.  Set.  Go!


Take your fitness and accountability to the next level by taking a group exercise class at the Y!  All classes are included in the cost of your membership.


Our trained instructors offer a variety of class types to meet anyone's fitness needs!  Instructors work hard to create a positive, encouraging environment for all, and are always available to get to know you and answer any questions.


Have questions about our Group Exercise Classes? Contact Gina Wotruba at



YMCA Youth Orientations

Get certified for a Youth Fitness Pass so that you can use the Lifestyle Center.  Learn proper use of cardio and select circuit equipment.  Child will earn a wristband upon completion,  which must be worn when in the Lifestyle Center.  A certified YMCA trainer will work with child and evaluate use of equipment.  Child must "pass" assessment to earn their Youth Fitness Pass.


Fee:  $10 member, $15 nonmember


Employee Health And Wellness Is Good Business
The YMCA is a leader in improving the quality of life and nurturing lifelong development of healthier individuals, families and communities. We are committed to your employees' well-being.
When your company joins the YMCA Corporate Membership Program, not only will your employees benefit, your company will benefit as well. It's a fact that healthy employees are more productive, have lower stress, miss less work and have fewer medical claims.
Corporate Membership Partnership
•Business partner provides their employees a monthly membership subsidy 
•The Y matches 50% up to $10 per month
•The Y will waive the joiner fee

Offer a wellness program and improve your workplace environment and morale. Learn more below: Membership Brochure



Our very own kick-butt Parkinson’s Disease Management Program! Boxers condition for optimal agility, speed, muscular endurance, accuracy, hand-eye coordination, footwork and overall strength to defend against and overcome opponents. At Rock Steady Boxing, Parkinson's disease is the opponent. Contact Debbie Fuller for more information at

Monday & Wednesday            12:15 - 1:30pm
FEE:           $30 per month member, $75 per month nonmember
OPTIONAL STARTER PACKAGE: Includes gloves, wraps, t-shirt, and storage bag - $75!



Personal training session option for our Rock Steady Boxers and/or those fighting back against Parkinson’s disease and not participating in Rock Steady Boxing.

Fee:           $25 per session member, $35 per session nonmember




Eating right doesn’t have to be complicated. A nutrition consultation will cover the basic principals of healthy eating.  You will learn strategies you can use right now to improve your health.


Meet one-on-one with a Certified Nutrition and Wellness Consultant to discuss your individual needs to help create a plan and guideline on implementing healthier eating habits that are specific to your personal health and wellness goals.



1 - 60 minute session $30

3 - 60 minute sessions $85

5 - 60 minute sessions $145




1 - 60 minute session $45

3 - 60 minute sessions $105

5 - 60 minute sessions $160



Finding an exercise schedule that suits you is the first step to beginning a healthier, more active lifestyle, and the Y is giving you the opportunity to achieve your goals on your time. We are now offering 24/7 access that gives you the convenience of working out on a schedule that fits your lifestyle. That means 7 days a week, and 365 days a year of unlimited access to our lifestyle center, free weight area, and indoor track. No matter your reason, we want to help you stay connected to what you love.


No more excuses, because scheduling your workout just got easier! Adult members of the Manitowoc-Two Rivers YMCA, who are ages 19+, are welcome to apply for 24/7 Fitness access at the Membership Services desk.

To apply for access, you must sign a 24/7 access waiver and agree to abide by our policies and purchase a $10/person key FOB. 24/7 members are welcome to use the Y’s lifestyle center, free weight area and track any time, day or night. Please note, there will be no staff available to assist members during non-staffed hours. Please see our website to view current staffed building hours.


Adult Y members ages 19+ may apply for 24/7 Fitness access at the Membership Services desk.  This benefit is ONLY for adult members of the Manitowoc-Two Rivers YMCA. Each adult (19+) must have their own separate 24/7 access and must scan in separately. Individuals with a day pass, one-month membership, AWAY members, Nationwide members & other short-term memberships/visiting guests are unable to apply for access. This process typically takes 1-3 days. The cost is $10/person for the FOB plus a $3/month charge along with membership dues.


To utilize our facilities after hours, simply hold your FOB up to the reader located at the Tennis entrance on Maritime Drive. You will hear the door activate and see the reader light turn blue allowing the door to open. The system will automatically re-lock the door after 5 seconds. When entering and exiting the facility, please ensure the door closes behind you. Everyone must use their own fob to gain access. For the safety of our members, please do not hold the door for anyone. This is important as we track who is in the building at all times. 

Your fob may not be shared with others (including family), and members are not allowed to grant facility access to anyone else. Doing so is a violation of our policy and will result in you permanently losing your 24-hour access to the YMCA and possible termination of your Y membership.

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